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Volunteers are key to the success of the Festival du Loup. We need strong arms, sharp minds and most importantly, enthusiasm and good will. Join the team!


Secondary school students can earn community service hours needed for their graduation diploma.

For each 3 hour shift, you will receive a $10 coupon that can be put towards purchasing Festival tickets, Festival merchandise, or items at the Festival's bar.

Snacks are provided during your volunteer shifts.

All volunteers are invited to a follow-up gathering in the weeks following the Festival (date to be determined).


Site Set-up and Teardown Team -

These volunteers are responsible for setting up and tearing down various equipment and items including signs, tents, fences, chairs, tables, etc.

Merchandise Team -

Volunteers are responsible for selling all Festival-related merchandise (e.g. t-shirts, promotional items).

Welcome Team -

Volunteers staff the welcome booth in the village and are responsible for providing accurate information to the general public about the Festival and surrounding area. Will also tick sell tickets and merchandise at the Festival information booth, therefore money-handling is involved.

Parade Team -

Help organize (and manage traffic for) the Tractor Parade on Saturday morning.

Volunteer Hospitality Team -

These people welcome volunteers, direct them to their area of service, indicate who their section lead is, give them their volunteer bib and look after refreshments.

Food Team -

These volunteers are responsible for serving meals to the general public and refreshments to the artist and other volunteers on Saturday; also responsible to serve the Saturday night Homage to Larry Lalonde community dinner, or on Sunday for the Sunday morning brunch.

Ticket Sales -

Volunteers are responsible for selling tickets and controlling access to the site. These people must also be prepared to give information about the Festival and the site.

Wolf Auction -

These volunteers look after setting up the wooden wolves at the Park and in the Pavilion, give information regarding the Silent Auction and help the public to bid using a QR code

Parking Team -

Volunteers welcome festival-goers arriving by car and encourage them to park according to a designated plan.

Kids' Area -

Volunteers will welcome youth and oversee activities.


Fill out the Volunteer Application Form (see button below).

Attend a volunteer orientation session.

Show up for shifts at the agreed upon times (or contact section leader if there is an issue).